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7 Bambis Rigi , Tbilisi ,Georgia

+995 599 500 745

Investing in ART


Art Cross Foundation is an emerging nonprofit organization that seeks to create cultural projects and programs in the arts. A small part of our work will be co-produced with selected partners, but most will be done in-house, by our own core team. Our goal is to create a more cohesive community that values art as a form of expression and social change.
 Art Cross Foundation’s vision is to offer a new way to experience art which has the potential to change the way we interact with art. This new way depends on a diverse range of both participants and contributors from across the globe. Our aim is to create a collaborative environment where artistic expression and social change can come together to create new forms of self-expression.creating cultural and social change through cross-disciplinary art education programs and workshops, as well as through international exhibitions. Our commitment is also entwined with helping artists and giving them a space for collaboration and a safe haven of expression. It will be a place where artists will be incubated, nurtured and protected from disaster. A place where they will have the freedom to let their creative imaginations soar. And, like any artist needs, a safe place to experiment in search of their unique voice and vision